Plakát Židovské housle v Praze

MUZIKA JUDAIKA invites You to

An exclusive Jewish concert in Jerusalem Synagogue

Jewish Violin in Prague 1.

Alexander Shonert - violin
One of the best Jewish violinists in the world
World Competition of Jewish Artists in Berlin Laureate
Natalie Shonert – piano

A unique programme containing inventive arrangements of national melodies, works/interpretations* of the classics of Jewish music, and original works of Alexander Shonert—all of which depict the journey of the Jewish violin from the Orient across old Europe to present-day Prague. A journey of love, joy, tears, and mystical ecstasy that arches over and abridges the past and present of our lives.

Jewish mystical improvisation;
Klezmer improvisation—the Jewish jazz of G. Gershwin;
M.Ravel - "Kaddisch"; J.Williams - "Schindler's List"; Yiddishe Mamme,
J.Bock – “If I Were a Rich Man”; J.Vogel – “Menora”, etc.
CONCERT DATES: July 7th, 14th, 21st, 28th
At 5:30 pm in Jerusalem Synagogue
Jeruzalémská 1310/7, 110 00 Prague 1.

Reservations and advance tickets available from: Ticketstream, Via Musica, Ticket Pro, Museum Boutiques in the High Synagogue, Ticketart. Tickets may also be purchased at Jerusalem Synagogue on the date of the concert.

The concert takes place under the auspices of the Israeli Embassy in Prague; the B'nai B'rith Renaissance; the Foundation for Holocaust Victims; the Society of Berta Suttner-Kinska; and Milan Hein, the director of Ungelt Theatre.