The Civil Association Muzika judaika presenting

the Small Jewish Festival MAŽIF
(the 2nd anniversary)

on 28th April 2013 at 5 p.m.
in the main hall of the Municipal Library of Prague, Prague 1,
Mariánské nám. 1/98

program MAŽIF 2

The Festival was established for all who would like to get to know the Jewish culture better, mainly its origin. Listeners can find the best of the music that derives from very unusual sources for the festival. Simultaneously, it follows the genre that was on the so -called „black list“, from the onset of fascism arrival to the end of the totalitarian period . In spite of this , not only Jewish music but also a variety of genres were rediscovered and newly appreciated in the past decade of the last century. . The interest in Jewish culture has been constantly growing with artists as well as with festival attendees.

This year is dedicated to the state of Israel; we would like to address more demanding fans of Jewish culture.

The audience will have a chance to listen to traditional klezmer music and also to works by Jewish composers of classical music represented by distinguished Czech and foreign artists, for example the piano virtuoso Marina Kantor (Israel), Jiří Hošek – violoncello and Dominika Weiss Hošková – violoncello, Alexander Shonert – piano, Kantor Michal Foršt & his Tateloshn, female vocal trio Makabara, L‘chaim trio, duo Tut Sade, the musical band Shirah and the Šarbilach orchestra.

The sonnet Mažifintráda by Jewish composer Jaromír Vogel will initiate the festival. You will also be introduced to a short performance of Israeli dances presented by the dance group Besamim.

The festival will be hosted by Pavla and Eliana Vondráčkovy, and directed by Miroslav Kantek.

A photo exhibition about Israel by Karel Cudlín will be part of the festival and will be screened on a video projector.

The Small festival MAŽIF 2 is held under the auspices of the Embassy of Israel in the Czech Republic, the Jewish Museum in Prague, director Milan Hein of Ungel theatre, and the Association of Berta Suttnerová-Kinská.

The Festival is presented by the Civil Association Muzika judaika and Municipal Library of Prague.

Contact: Blanka Vogelová 739 020 260, 775 176 684, 271 742 758


Entrance 180 CZK; Seniors, students 120 CZK

Ticket office: 222 113 425, 222 113 377 Ticketportal.cz