Chaim Be Tikva

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The symphonic suite CHAIM BE TIKVA is the first project of the Association. It is dedicated to Holocaust (Shoah) victims and to Sir Nicholas Winton, the rescuer of 669 Czech children of Jewish origin at the beginning of World War II. It is also a reminder of the darkest period in Jewish history, World War II and the end of 6 million lives.

The composition of the symphony written by the composer Jaromír Vogel has four sentences and its single parts are interconnected with interludes that develop the composition topic and are presented by a children’s quartet in combination with a brilliant trio.

The lament of palpable dread runs through the whole first sentence called “Life with the Star of David”. People who had been living an ordinary satisfied life, are forced to submit to the degrading Nuremberg laws, are deprived of human rights, and have to wear the Star of David on their chest under the threat of death.

The second part „In the Ghetto“, describes the Jews being deported to ghettos. People tried to conserve their cultural sentiment although they were standing on the edge of life and death. For this reason, the motif of moaning mothers and the children’s melody mentioned above are used in this sentence alone.

“The Transport”, the third sentence, is a recollection of home that is conjured up by the motif of klezmer violins. The sentence is ended by a funereal march.

The fourth sentence of the suite, named, “The Hope” (Hatikva in Hebrew – the name of the Israeli anthem) is strongly influenced by Czech folk music and particularly by its brilliant treatment in the symphonic poem “The Moldau”, from the cycle “My Country” by Bedřich Smetana. The final part is optimistic, as the composer didn’t want to finish his work tragically. That’s why he integrated this theme in the concluding part. The composition is climaxed by a choir of angels.

This whole opus is composed for an extended symphonic orchestra, ensemble, children’s ensemble, children’s quartet and trio. Recollections of the stay in Terezín are evoked by the children’s participation. The composer wishes the children’s ensemble to come across modestly, not artistically.

Financial support was provided by the Czech-German Fund for the Future and by the others. At the same time, we appreciate the moral support for this project of Arnošt Lustig. Furthermore, Tomáš Töpfer, Milan Hein, Jiří Hošek, Marina Kantor, Jaroslav Svěcený, and some other foreign artists have promised their cooperation.

Considering the civic association is a non-profit organization, we would appreciate financial support for the realization of the Chaim Be Tikva project. You are welcome to send it to the bank account of our Association:

ČSOB Česká poštovní banka
Moravská 9, 120 00 Praha 2
IBAN: CZ82 0300 0000 0002 3930 1104