About the Association

Muzika Judaika is a civic association - based on Act No. 83/1990 Coll - wherein artists and patrons of Jewish music and culture are placed. The association is registered with the Ministry of the Interior of the Czech Republic on 7 September, 2009 under reference number VS/1.1/76 762/09-R.

The association encourages Jewish music and culture in a civil society and develops respect, tolerance and dignity of human personality. It creates conditions for cooperation aimed at spreading the Jewish culture.

The association organizes beneficial public projects depending upon donations.

The Association Membership:
Membership in this non-profit association is approved by the association committee. Fill out your request and send it to: muzikajudaika@seznam.cz or mail it to the association president at:

Blanka Vogelová
Voroněžská 26
Praha 10 Vršovice

Download and fill in the form for membership:
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