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Artistic and production agency

* We represent individual artists, as well as music, theatre and children ensembles.

* We arrange and organise concerts of classical and Jewish music.

* We organise musical and theatre projects and performances.

* We offer music productions to various festivals, concert halls, theatres, churches, synagogues, as well as to social eves of institutions and companies.

* We produce musicals and artistic performances, film music, theatre plays, studio plays, musicals and music pieces like preludes, flourishes and anthems for towns, town quarters and companies.

* We distribute CDs and DVDs of the artists who we represent.

* Since the foundation of the agency we have realised tens of projects and musical eves including beneficial concerts.

* We offer musical composition for movie scores as well as professionally recorded composed music available from the vast archives of the well known music composer Jaromir Vogel (including various genres like dramatic, incidental, gothic, renaissance, baroque, classical, ethnic and contemporary Jewish music and also 20s 90s musical styles) also we are able to arrange and compose any creative kind of music (symphonic suites, musicals arrangements, theatre scores, advertising, etc.)

* We organize writers autograph sessions accompanied by music.

Director manager: Blanka Vogelová
101 00 Praha 10, Voronežská 26/330
ICO: 40635988
Bank account: 0730438063/0800
CZ27 0800 000 0007 3043 8063

Telephone contatcs: (+420) 739 020 260, (+420) 271 742 758
www.vogelavos.cz, www.sarbilach.cz

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